gs-photo-blackandwhiteI love investing in students and leaders of all ages through teaching, writing, and speaking. I aim to help people learn lessons from the past, to inspire them to live wisely in the present. I love teaching (whether in person, online or through writing) because I love learning. I look forward to hearing more about how I can serve you!

Here’s a more “formal” description of my journey and current activities:

Gregory Soderberg is a teacher, writer, and speaker. He teaches online with Kepler Education and is an Academic Tutor at the Bible Mesh Institute. He served as the founding Academic Dean for LAMP Seminary RDU in Raleigh, NC. He has 19 years experience teaching various subjects in the humanities, and is completing a Ph.D. in historical theology at Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. He holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Culture from New St. Andrews College. After studying at Reformed Theological Seminary, he earned a M.A. in Church History from the University of Pretoria. He also studied liturgical theology at Trinity Theological College. He has spoken at conferences in the US, Germany, and South Korea and has served in a wide range of ministries and non-profits. 


Gregory’s quotes


“We learn from the past, in order to live wisely in the present.”— Gregory Soderberg



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