Should Your Church Start a Disability Ministry?

When I was growing up in Arizona, my parents took my brother and I to volunteer at a Christian ranch where adults with disabilities could live. They were able to pursue basic trades and sell what they created. There were all types of adults, and all types of disabilities, but what we learned is thatContinue reading “Should Your Church Start a Disability Ministry?”

Dorothy Day & the Courage of Conviction

In My Own Words by Dorothy Day My rating: 4 of 5 stars This was my first exposure to Dorothy Day (besides a few quotes here and there). What a remarkable lady! This is a great little introduction to an intellectual brave enough to follow the Crucified Lord in a life of humble service andContinue reading “Dorothy Day & the Courage of Conviction”

Radical Hospitality & Safe Families

When we talk to friends and family members about Safe Families, it always takes a while to explain what it is. Is is foster care? Is it adoption? Is it just free baby sitting? I think it’s difficult to explain because it doesn’t fit into any of our normal categories. Safe Families is built aroundContinue reading “Radical Hospitality & Safe Families”