BibleMesh Institute

Have you ever wondered what the New Testament sounds like in the original Greek?

Have you ever wanted to learn the language that forms the backbone of Western culture and civilization–Latin?


Do you want to dig deeper into the Bible, Apologetics, or Theology?

Let me help!

As a Proctor for the Bible Mesh Institute, I’ll offer encouragement and guidance for you as you dive deeper into any of these subjects!

I can Proctor classes for dual-enrollment high school students, undergraduate and graduate students. Also, classes at the BibleMesh Institute can earn academic credit that is transferable to our partner institutions, like the College at Southeastern, Southeastern Baptist Seminary, Western Seminary, Union College, and more!

What you’ll get:

  • self-paced online courses designed and taught by experts
  • ability to ask me any questions about the course via email, Skype or Zoom
  • online Quizzes & Tests so you can get instant feedback
  • encouragement, support, and guidance as you tackle some big tasks and ideas
  • the ability to begin reading in Biblical Greek or Latin
  • the opportunity to study some of the most important concepts in the Bible or Theology

Class Options

Some of the classes that I can Proctor are:

  • BibleMesh Greek Reading – Levels 1 -3
  • New St. Andrews College Latin – Levels 1-4
  • Know What You Believe (Apologetics)
  • Know the Creeds & Councils
  • Church History I: Christ to the Pre-Reformation
  • Church History II: Pre-Reformation to Present Day
  • Historical Theology I
  • Historical Theology II

Questions? I’d love to hear from you! Write me at:


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