Pagan Influence on Easter?

The Myth of the Pagan Origins of Easter (Jesus of Nazareth’s Resurrection)

You may not get any chocolate bunnies this Easter, but you’re bound to stumble across an article or meme suggesting that the story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead is just a reincarnation of some pagan myth. Whether it’s Ishtar, Osiris, or Attis, these claims are tantalizing but devoid of scholarly content–much like the sugar rush of the chocolate bunny, with its deficit of actual nourishment. [Read the rest at Intellectual Takeout]



“Cell Phones, Silence & Solitude: Finding Stillness in a Noisy World”

“Whether or not it draws on new scientific research, technology is a branch of moral philosophy, not of science.” ~ Paul Goodman

During my sixteen years in the classroom, I’ve witnessed the unbelievably rapid transformation of mobile phone technology.

At one point, I overheard a brutally honest conversation between a group of senior boys. They felt the constant urge to text, check their texts, and interact on social media. What quickly became obvious is that they were scared of solitude. By their own admission, they literally could not stand to be alone with their own thoughts. I felt honored that they felt safe enough to share this information, but it was somewhat disturbing to hear admissions of such dependency on technology. These young men craved external stimuli and felt alone and empty without it. [Read the rest at Intellectual Takeout]