Teaching History with “Affectionate Realism”

As I finish up my PhD through the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam on communion frequency in Reformed churches, I’m starting to take notes on another research project. It’s focused on how Christianity has impacted society, and how the Gospel has transformed cultures. I’m not leaving behind my decades of research into worship and the Lord’sContinue reading “Teaching History with “Affectionate Realism””

Pigs, Gardens, & Church Announcements

At the church we attend the announcements at the end of the service are a continual source of amusement. Our pastor soldiers through as best he can, but there are regularly quite a few (since there are so many wonderful things going on), and the kids, and grown ups, are eager to get to theContinue reading “Pigs, Gardens, & Church Announcements”

Why Care About Black History Month?

In the past, I would have asked this question. As a conservative Christian, raised in majority white circles, I only talked to one or two African Americans throughout my childhood and early adulthood. My education left out huge chunks of American history. Even now, after obtaining an MA in Church History, and working on aContinue reading “Why Care About Black History Month?”